Working Plan


    In order to achieve the project’s goals, Dr. Paschou (the Principal Investigator) at DUTH will devote 65% of her research time, leading a team of experts from multiple disciplines from Greece and the US, as well as external collaborators from Greek and international universities. Prof. Drineas will be a visiting scientist from the USA (RPI), transferring knowledge from the field of Computer Science to Human Genetics. Prof. Stamatoyannopoulos, from the University of Washington (UW), a prominent scientist in the field will act as an advisor throughout all the steps of the project coordinating the complex task of sample collection through an extended existing network of collaborators across Greece. Finally, Dr. Yannaki will collaborate with Prof. Stamatoyannopoulos in the coordination of required field studies and will supervise technicians on DNA extraction, data recording, shipments of samples etc. She is an Affiliate Associate Prof. at the UW and an experienced researcher at the Papanikolaou General Hospital (PGH). Our scientific, educational and public outreach objectives will be pursued through five inter-related WPs.


working plan